The wooden pallet is a staple element for shipping, allowing you to easily move product. Choosing the right pallet and pallet producer is an important part of preparing your product for movement and keeping it secure.

Tolko – Lake Country Division is a registered member of the Canadian Wood Packaging and Container Association (CWPCA) and as such, we adhere to the strict guidelines set for the industry, ensuring you get a pallet that works for you. We offer a variety of pallets for your shipping and business needs.


Our pallets

Solid-Top Pallets

Solid-top pallets are a cost-effective option for pallets used on a regular basis. These pallets are strong, relatively lightweight and offer a longer life span. The initial cost of solid-top pallets is offset by their re-usability and greater productivity potential.


One-Way Pallets

A one-way pallet is considered expendable and as such is manufactured for single load only use. These pallets are designed and constructed to allow a forklift to enter from the front or the side and are used when there is no plan for a return trip.


ISPM 15 Certified Pallets

An ISPM 15 certified pallet is required for shipping products or containers internationally. These heat-treated pallets comply with international standards to ensure there’s no risk of exporting disease or insects that could negatively impact plants and ecosystems in other countries. We offer ISPM Certified pallets in both Solid-Top and One-Way types.


LD7 Pallets

We manufacture LD7 pallets for the international shipment of cherries. LD7 pallets are designed to fit the specific shape of an airplane’s fuselage, allowing your cargo to be shipped by air freight.