Agricultural Harvest Bins

Our agricultural bins have been trusted by large and small business farmers, orchardists and many others in the agricultural industry since 1957. We’ve focused on creating bins and relationships that last. In the process, we’ve supplied more than one million crates and bins to markets worldwide.

We specialize in full-sized harvest bins, soft fruit bins, grape bins, and wine/tirage/champagne bins, as well as custom display bins with false bottoms for grocery/fruit stands. No matter your bin needs, we can create custom-crafted solutions that meet your unique requirements.


Custom, crafted

Our long history has taught us a great deal about our customers and their needs. It’s why we offer far more than a variety of off the shelf bins. We go the extra mile, offering custom-crafted bins built to meet each customer’s individual needs. We even offer you the option to stencil your company name and logo on the bins, truly making them your own.

Our commitment to our customers goes further than just custom building. We strive to make our products convenient for all our clients - whether they have custom designs or not. To do that, we offer partially-assembled bins that are jig-positioned to make final assembly easier, with corner posts and brackets semi-assembled to reduce freight costs and simplify set-up.

Whatever your industry, whatever your bin, we’re here for you every step of the way, working with your timelines and delivery/pick up dates, we’re here to help you succeed.

Built to last

At Tolko’s Lake Country Division, we build our products to last with high-grade, exterior plywood that’s hand-graded to meet our rigorous standards. We make sure our bins are secure, stable, and durable by using a combination of skids, corner posts, and/or galvanized bottoms and corner brackets. If requested, we can even add a latex sealant that will protect your harvest bins from degradation by UV light and other elements. We also provide food-grade stain that is safe for our organic growers that will further protect your bins and keep them looking their best.

Our customers have come to expect a long life out of their agricultural bins. We stock replacement parts and hardware as needed. So, no matter the rough handling, or weather, your Tolko bin will be with you for a long time. As you know, Tolko bins are built to last.


ISPM Certified

If you plan on shipping over international borders, our bins can be constructed with ISPM 15-certified wood, heat-treated to meet international environmental regulations.

We feel it’s our duty to build the best bins using environmentally-friendly renewable resources. Remember, we can customize and coordinate with customers on future orders to ensure that we always have product on site to accommodate last minute requests.



We can help you get your product across borders in certified packaging without issues and in the same shape you shipped it in.