We strive to be a cut above the rest.

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Tolko – Lake Country Division uses all the forest has to offer to build environmentally-friendly products.

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ISPM Certified

Tolko – Lake Country is ISPM 15 certified.

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We strive to be a cut above the rest

At our remanufacturing facility in Lake Country, we pull some of the best lumber, OSB, and plywood from our mills and transform it into an array of products including: crates, bins, flooring substrate, fencing, shipping containers, and ISPM certified packaging products. We take great pride in our work, our safety record, and in the positive feedback we receive from satisfied customers. Perhaps that’s why we’ve manufactured and sold more than one million crates and bins to markets worldwide. Our customers know, when they get a product from Lake Country Remanufacturing, they’re getting the very best.


Quality from tree to crate

Based in Lake Country, B.C., our remanufacturing division is a key part of our vision for growth and product diversification. Our continued investment in Lake Country remanufacturing allows us to bring our values and focus on responsible, sustainable business practices into a new arena, and to maintain our commitment to quality – from tree to crate.


Built to your satisfaction

Tolko – Lake Country is synonymous with customer satisfaction. We work with our customers across Western Canada and throughout the Western United States, including fruit growers, industrial researchers and publishing companies to deliver quality products that meet their specific needs. By listening and creating quality, custom work, we’ve fostered relationships that keep our customers coming back year after year. Because we care, we have customers who request our harvest bins, industrial crates, and specialty containers time and time again.



ISPM Certified

Tolko - Lake Country Division is ISPM 15 certified, which ensures your packaging is protected from harmful pests and will provide you with a hassle-free export experience. When the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure #15 (ISPM 15) first came into effect, we knew it was important to achieve certification to ensure our customers would have access to the very best shipping materials. Being solutions oriented, the team dove right in and in a very short time, we were qualified to make these packages.

ISPM 15 was created to stop the spread of harmful pests across borders through wood packaging. All international packaging sent from Canada, except for packaging sent to the U.S., requires the official ISPM 15 seal.


If you’re looking for a safe and hassle free international shipping experience, we encourage you to look at our wood-based products. From crates, to bins, to shipping containers, we have everything you need to successfully store, package, and ship your products and materials.