Tolko – Lake Country

A history of quality wood remanufacturing solutions.

Lake Country Remanufacturing was built in 1995 to produce bins, specialty cut plywood substrate, and engineered flooring. It was acquired by Tolko in 2004 as part of our purchase of Riverside Forest Products. Acquiring Lake Country enhanced our presence in the value-added sector, which fit well with our vision of expansion and diversification. Each product is specifically designed and custom built to meet customer requirements.

Though we started with agricultural bins, we’ve used our values of progressiveness and diversification to branch out into various products including bins specific to the mining industry and industrial wooden storage containers for local industry. The drive to create and deliver excellence is embedded in every person who works here and is clearly demonstrated in our product lines and our excellent results.

Products designed for your industry

Tolko - Lake Country Division is not an assembly line. Although machines do the prep work, we are a very hands-on facility, without much automation. Being people driven allows us to work one-on-one with you to customize your order to suit your specific application. Never satisfied with the status quo, we are always on the lookout for new projects. Whatever your requirements, we can deliver to meet your specifications and our standard of quality.

To make sure we live up to our quality and customer care commitment, all our operators are trained to run multiple pieces of equipment and to recognize any deficiencies in product quality and deal with it accordingly.

Our promise to you

Our method is simple. We use the best people to build the best products. We take quality, renewable resources and combine them with employees who have years of experience in concept design and customization to produce products that meet your specific requirements. Along the way, we use only materials that meet our demanding standards. We grade and reject any that fail our tough requirements testing, and then our talented team crafts a custom product that meets your needs. At lake Country remanufacturing, we’re dedicated to great service and you can trust us to complete your order exactly how you need it – with the quality or workmanship we’re so well known for.

The result is custom-built packaging which suits your purpose and stands up to the wear and tear of your industry. One thing is certain, no matter what you need, you can feel confident that working with us and using our products year after year is the right decision.


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From our lumber mills to our remanufacturing, we are committed to product diversification and to pursuing an innovative vision of what can be. More than that, we are dedicated to relationships – from our valued customers to our close-knit workforce – we are one Tolko and we are dedicated to producing quality products safely and responsibly every day.